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Chemical Peels
Physicians Choice skin care has been designed to provide the most technically researched formulations available today. This product contains a unique blend of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) in an aloe vera base. It will also address problems of acne, ageing skin, and hyper-pigmentation resulting from such damage or hormone changes. Also softens the depth of surface lines. $60.00.

I Hour Facial
With a mask that is customized to each person's individual needs. Facial includes arm and hand massage. $65.00.

Mini Express
Cleansing Facial: Guaranteed to have you looking your best in the least amount of time. $40.00

Repechange Opti Firm Eye Contour Treatment
If your eyes are your concern, this reduces the appearance of under eye puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Based on clinically proven ingredients. Guaranteed to give you the look you've been craving "well-rested luminous eyes". This treatment can be by itself or as an add on to any of the facial treatments. 30 minutes $35.00.

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Chemotherapy Skin Care
According to a yearly report from the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that nearly 1.5 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2008. This is up approximately 12% from 2002. Motility rates are going down in many cancers, although these numbers are still staggering. With these statistics, it becomes increasingly likely that some of our patients will undergo some type of chemotherapy. Although necessary, chemotherapy can wreak havoc on the skin. Some common dermatological side affects of treatment are:
*Sensitivity and/or allergic reactions
*Severe dryness
Through good skin, we can help these patients look and feel better. It is wise to select skin care products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, colors or other known sensitizes to avoid instigating and reactions.  Peels should be avoided, except deter gel for acne breakouts. Cancer patients should consult their oncologist prior to beginning any new regiments. The skin of those going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer becomes extremely stressed. As the largest organ of elimination , a patient's skin will have to work harder than usual to rid the body of the necessary, yet toxic drugs employed during their treatments. PCA SKIN is an ideal choice for soothing and supporting the skin of those undergoing treatment. We offer many advanced daily care products that provide gentile, effective cleansing; soothing; and strengthening benefits for stressed skin. Some specific product recommendations are creamy cleanser, anti-redness serum, hydrating serum, apres peel soothing balm, ReBalance, brightening therapy with True Tone, perfecting face and body hydrator SPF 30 and peptide lip therapy.

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