We’re a full service salon offering many beautifying services including:

Hair:                                                       Waxing:
*Hairstyling                                            *Eyebrow Shaping
*Perms                                                    *Chin or Lip
*Staining                                                 *Neck
*Shampoo & Conditioning

    *Bridal Makeup  *Manicure
    *Professional Makeover     *Pedicure
    *Padgent Makeup  

Skin Care: 
    *Chemical Peels
    *Acne Treatment
    *Sports Skincare Management

Eve Moseley's Price for Services:                                                
Haircut w/ Blow Dry:-$48.00 & up-Depending on length               
Sets: Short-$25.00                                                                            
Sets: Long-$33.00 & up                                                                      
Stain/Color-$55.00 & up-Depending on length
Foil/Highlights:-Depending on length                                          Waxing Menu :
Top Part:-$27.00Eyebrows-$15.00
Half Foil:-$70.00 & up                                                                      Lips-$15.00
Full Foil:-$92.00 & up                                                                       Neck-$10.00 & up
Long hair starts at:-$102.00 & up                                                   Cheeks-$10.00 & up
Per Foil:-$9.00 eachChin-$5.00 & up
Root Perm:-$63.00 & up

Makeup Menu:
15 Minutes-$10.00
30 Minutes-$20.00
1 Hour-$40.00
Practical Education-$50.00

Price for Facial Services:
Pumpkin Facial: This treatment exfoliates and introduces vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients into the skin. Great for acne blemished skin, smokers and cellular turnover. $55.00

Oxygenerating Facial: Stimulates collagen and rejuvenates sluggish, tired skin. Can be done weekly or 2 to 3 days before a "big event". Great for brides and their bridal party. $60.00

Express Cleansing Facial: Pure cleaning and skin toning. $35.00

Four Layer Facial: Skin shows with renewed moisture and after glow that last. $70.00

Purifier Facial: This deep cleansing facial purifies the skin and pores. Tailored to suit any oily skin or acnic skin. $55.00

Multi Vitamin Facial: A stimulating facial that helps to ensure collagen production and diminishes wrinkles. Great for all skin types especially mature skin. This facial uses a very high content of vitamin C. $70.00

Basic 1 Hour Facial: With a mask that is customized to each person's individual needs. $55.00


Exfoliating PCA Peel: Great for uneven skin tone. Helps correct sun damage and pigment discolorations. Can be used to treat the neck, chest and hands. $60.00

Ultra Peel: Great for elastin production. Reduces sagging skin and wrinkling while reducing the visible signs of aging. $60.00

Seni-Peel: Very light peel. Good for all skin types. Helps to tighten and brighten skin. $60.00

Manicure/Pedicure Price For Services:
Spa Manicure  60 Min   $40.00
Classic Manicure  45 Min.  $25.00
Spa Pedicure  90 Min.        $60.00
Classic Pedicure  60 Min. $45.00
Mani/Pedi Combo 60 Min.        $40.00

Buff & Polish Change 20 Min.       $10.00
Polish Change15 Min.  $6.50

Paraffin Dip Hands or Feet    $15.00

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